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def mago::cmd::discovery::SuiteData::discover (   cls,

Discover suites inside of an application

Definition at line 241 of file discovery.py.

00241                           :
        Discover suites inside of an application
        # All test suites will be defined by an xml file
        xml_filenames = (filename
                         for filename in app.filenames
                         if filename.endswith('xml'))

        # Discovered suites must contain a valid xml content
        # and at least one test cases
        suites = (suite for suite in (cls(app, filename)
                                      for filename in xml_filenames)
                  if suite.has_valid_xml() and any(suite.cases()))

        # Filter suites using the whitelists provided through the
        # command line
        if cls.name_whitelist or cls.filename_whitelist:
            suites = (suite for suite in suites
                      if suite.name in cls.name_whitelist
                      or suite in cls.filename_whitelist)

        return suites

class CaseData(XmlData):

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