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def mago::cmd::discovery::SuiteData::get_class (   self  ) 

Return suite instance from the python module

Definition at line 183 of file discovery.py.

00183                        :
        Return suite instance from the python module
        module_name, class_name = self.root.find('class').text.rsplit('.', 1)
        logging.debug("Module name: %s", module_name)

        # Suite file and module are expected to be in the same directory
        load_args = imp.find_module(
            module_name, [os.path.dirname(self.fullname)])

        module = imp.load_module(module_name, *load_args)

        cls = getattr(module, class_name)
        return cls(**self.args)

    def get_log_filename(self, application_target_directory):

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