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mago::application::ubuntu::UpdateManager Class Reference

Inherits Application.

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Detailed Description

UpdateManager class manages the Ubuntu Update Manager application.

If the test is going to need admin permissions, you need to provide the su password
when creating an instance of the class.

i.e. C{updateManager = UpdateManager("my_password")}

Definition at line 46 of file ubuntu.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def check_updates
def cleanup
def close
def download_size
def get_available_updates
def get_changes
def get_description
def hide_changes
def install_updates
def number_updates
def open
def select_all
def select_update
def set_password
def setup
def show_changes
def teardown
def test_install_state
def tick_update
def toggle_changes
def unselect_all

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string BAN_LIST = " updates"
string BTN_CHECK = "btnCheck"
string BTN_CLOSE = "btnClose"
string BTN_INSTALL = "btnInstallUpdates"
string LAUNCHER = "update-manager"
string LBL_DOWNLOADSIZE = r'lblDownloadsize((\d+)((\.)(\d+))?)(.*)'
string LBL_N_UPDATES = r'lblYoucaninstall(\d+)updates?'
string LBL_UPTODATE = "lblYoursystemisup-to-date"
string LBL_WAIT = "lblKeepyoursystemup-to-date"
string MNU_ITEM = "mnuUpdateManager"
string TAB_CHANGES = "Changes"
string TBL_UPDATES = "updates"
string TXT_DESCRIPTION = "Description"
string WINDOW = "frmUpdateManager"

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