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mago::application::gnome::Seahorse Class Reference

Inherits Application.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Seahorse manages the Seahorse application.

Definition at line 10 of file gnome.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def assert_exists_key
def go_to_tab
def new_key
def new_pgp_key
def new_ssh_key
def remove_key
def remove_keys

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string BTN_CONTINUE = "btnContinue"
string BTN_NEWPGP_CREATE = "btnCreate"
string BTN_NEWSSH_CREATE = "Just Create Key"
string BTN_NEWSSH_CREATE_AND_SETUP = "Create and Set Up"
string BTN_PASS_OK = "btnOK"
string BTN_SET_UP = "btnSetUp"
string DLG_CREATING_SSH = "dlgCreatingSecureShellKey"
string DLG_GENERATING_KEY = "dlgGeneratingkey"
string DLG_NEWKEY_PASS = "dlgPassphrasefor*"
string DLG_NEWPGP_COMMENT = "txtComment"
string DLG_NEWPGP_EMAIL = "txtEmailAddress"
string DLG_NEWPGP_FULLNAME = "txtFullName"
string DLG_NEWSSH_DESC = "txtKeyDescription"
string DLG_SET_UP = "Set Up Computer for SSH Connection"
string LAUNCHER = "seahorse"
string LBL_DELETE_KEY_Q = "lblOneormoreofthedeletedkeysareprivatekeys.Areyousureyouwanttoproceed?"
string MNU_NEWKEY = "mnuNew"
string NEWKEY_DLG = "Create New ..."
string NEWPGP_DLG = "dlgCreateaPGPKey"
string NEWSSH_DLG = "New Secure Shell Key"
string TAB_LIST = "ptl0"
string TAB_PERSONAL_KEYS = "My Personal Keys"
string TBL_PERSONAL_KEYS = "tbl0"
string TXT_SET_UP_COMPUTER = "txtThehostnameoraddressoftheserver."
string TXT_SET_UP_LOGIN = "txtLoginName"
string TYPE_PGP = "PGP Key"
string TYPE_SSH = "Secure Shell Key"
string WINDOW = "frmPasswordsandEncryptionKeys"

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