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mago::application::gnome::GEdit Class Reference

Inherits Application.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

GEdit manages the Gedit application.

Definition at line 385 of file gnome.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def close
def save
def write_text

Static Public Attributes

string LAUNCHER = "gedit"
string MNU_CLOSE = "mnuClose"
string MNU_NEW = "mnuNew"
string MNU_QUIT = "mnuQuit"
string QUESTION_DLG = "dlgQuestion"
string QUESTION_DLG_BTN_CLOSE = "btnClosewithoutSaving"
string QUESTION_DLG_BTN_SAVE = "btnSave"
string QUESTION_DLG_BTN_SAVE_AS = "btnSaveAs"
string SAVE_DLG = "dlgSave*"
string SAVE_DLG_BTN_SAVE = "btnSave"
string SAVE_DLG_TXT_NAME = "txtName"
string TXT_FIELD = "txt1"
string WINDOW = "frm*gedit"

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