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00001 """
This is the check.py module.

The check module provides different ways to check if the test failed or passed
import filecmp
import os
import sys
import shutil
from ldtputils import imagecompare

FAIL = "fail"
PASS = "pass"

00015 class Check:
    Superclass for the rest of the test checks
    def __init__(self):

00022 class FileComparison(Check):
    Test check for file comparison. If two files are equal, the test passes.
00026     def __init__(self, oracle, test):
        Main constructor. It requires two existing files paths.

        @type oracle: string
        @param oracle: The path to the oracle file to compare the test file against.

        @type test: string
        @param test: The path to the test file to compare the test file against.


        self.oracle = oracle
        self.test   = test

00042     def perform_test(self):
        Perform the test check. 

        It the two files are equal, the test passes. Otherwise, it fails.
        if filecmp.cmp(self.oracle, self.test):
            return PASS
            return FAIL

class ScreenshotCompare(FileComparison):
    def perform_test(self, max_diff=0.0):
        res = imagecompare(self.oracle, self.test)
        if res > max_diff:
            return FAIL
            return PASS

    def calibrate(self):
        shutil.copy(self.test, self.oracle)

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